• Model School Class of 1890

    Model School Class of 1890

  • Model School Gilchrist Hall

    Model School Gilchrist Hall

  • Training School circa 1930

    Training School circa 1930

  • Price Laboratory School Building

    Malcolm Price Laboratory School, circa 1985

  • Price Laboratory School with students on the last day of classes May 2012

    Last Day of Classes May 2012


Preserving the legacy of Malcolm Price Laboratory School and engaging dynamically with those who remember and appreciate its heritage.

Malcolm Price Photo

Malcolm Price Laboratory School began in 1883 as the Model School for what was then the Iowa State Normal School. J.C. Gilchrist served as the first school principal. The Laboratory School went through many transitions over the course of 129 years. Starting as the Model School, it soon became the Training School in 1893 and the new name continued until 1944 when it became the Campus School. Five years later in 1949, it became the Campus Laboratory School. In 1959, it was named the Malcolm Price Laboratory School in honor of President Malcolm Price for his role in supporting the new building at 19th and Campus and an increased number of faculty.

In 2012, the Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa was closed. The purpose of this website is to document and celebrate the heritage of the Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa and to highlight the innumerable contributions the school made to teacher education and professional development over the course of its 129-year history.  Learn More »


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