Monday Memory - A 1 Year Delay

by Price Lab History | Feb 12, 2018
The path to a new laboratory school building on the north end of campus was not a quick and easy one. While $905,000 for new buildings was approved in late 1945, early 1946, it would be almost another full year, until January of 1947, before the next steps in the process would begin. This delay caused a significant increase in the projected cost of the building projects President Price and the college had planned. President Price returned to the Iowa Legislature to ask for both in increase in the college's budget and an additional $2,066,500 for building projects that included the laboratory school.

As you can read in this January 10, 1947 issue of "The College Eye", the projects were on hold until the legislature made a decision.

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Of other historical note may be the news that a decision had been made for use of the current laboratory school building once a new campus school was constructed. It was announced that Sabin Hall would be used completely by the music department.

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