Monday Memory - "New Campus School Planning Underway"

by Sarah Eastman | Apr 02, 2018
Today's Monday Memory takes us back to the timeline for the building of Price Laboratory School at Campus and 19th Streets.

We saw the new building proposed in late 1945:
New Construction Projects Announced

We saw the project delayed by war and subsequent cost increases:
A 1 Year Delay

And then on hold again until additional funding was approved:
Money Allotted for New Buildings

There would be a further eight month delay, until January of 1948, before President Price could announce that the planning phase of the new Laboratory school at Teachers College was underway.

The announcement detailed plans for the new building's layout including "...larger classrooms, most of them 22 by 40 feet, in order to allow seating and cloak room space for college classes visiting the school for observation, demonstration,  practice teaching, as well as ample room for the children being instructed."

(Click the photo above to see a larger version of the article)*

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