Monday Memory - "Plans Drawn Up for New Campus School" July 1948

by Price Lab History | Apr 16, 2018
5th in a series.

In July of 1948 detailed plans were revealed for the new laboratory school to be built at the Teachers College. 

In this article from "The College Eye" on July 23rd we learned that "The construction would be steel frame with brick and stone trim and a green stone panel between floors." 

President Malcolm Price is quoted as saying "A campus school at the Teachers college is equivalent to the hospital of a medical school. The teaching laboratory attempts to make provisions for all types of experiences that teachers might have in Iowa schools."

In addition to the new building, plans were made for the surrounding grounds, including playgrounds for the elementary grades, fields for high school sports, practice tennis courts, practice golf greens, and football and baseball fields with permanent bleachers. The article also stated that plans called for room for botanical gardens.

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