• MPLS Commemorative Plaza And Monument

    Posted: Jun 07, 2013

    A plaza and associated monument are being planned. The intent is to have our alumni, faculty, and friends send renderings for consideration of what the plaza should look like. At this time, we are just beginning to have conversations with the university facility planning staff—to review the processes and protocol we must adhere to for any structures, plazas and monuments on the university campus. We welcome your ideas regarding a proposed location for this plaza. We have already received one idea regarding this plaza and monument, and we encourage others to send us their visions by August 1, 2013. We will work closely with the university staff to plan a plaza and monument that adheres to all university and Board of Regents, State of Iowa, guidelines and rules. Send ideas to Barbara Lounsberry (class of 1965) at lounsberry@gmail.com.

  • MPLS Commemorative Wall At Schindler Education Center

    Posted: May 29, 2013

    A commemorative wall that is the seminal, commissioned artwork of the future renovated Schindler Education Center is being developed to capture the history and legacy of Malcolm Price Laboratory School. The planning team envisions an aesthetic timeline that showcases selected awards, plaques, narratives, photographs, archival pieces, and memorabilia that amplify the inception, innovations, and influences of the laboratory school. The inception component will focus on the origin as well as the historical and perpetual richness of the laboratory school’s dynamic vision. Woven into the art piece will be highlights of the various curricular and instructional innovations that the laboratory school promoted throughout the years. The influences components will represent the outstanding teachers and graduates of the laboratory school as well as the copious athletic victories. Even though the laboratory school is closed, the wall will depict the perpetual effects of the legacy through its influences. As the planning team embarks on the creation of the wall, we seek to gather information from various stakeholders to provide advice, support, and guidance as we move forward. To offer input into this important project, contact Dean Dwight Watson at Dwight.Watson@uni.edu.

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