The purpose of this digital book is to document and celebrate the heritage of the Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa and to highlight the innumerable contributions the school made to teacher education and professional development over the course of its 129-year history.

We anticipate the contents of this book will include the following topics.


Title Page
Foreword--One Person's Story--Reflections on being a student and faculty member from 1954 through 1998
Table of Contents and Proposed Chapters

CHAPTER 1: The Setting
  • The Native People of Iowa
  • Westward movement
  • William Sturgis
  • Civil War and the Orphanage
  • Gilchrist and his work on converting the orphanage to a normal school
  • Need for teachers and schools for the new state
  • The Model School is born
CHAPTER 2: The Model School to Training School
  • A traditional curriculum for the Model School
  • Innovation is on its way--John Dewey Makes “Progress”
  • Sabin Hall is built under President Seerley--1912
  • Vignettes of Leadership--Eva Mae Luse, moves from model school to Training School Director 1918 - 1940
CHAPTER 3: The Campus School to Laboratory School
  • Vignettes of Leadership--Who was President Malcolm Price?
  • President Price moves forward with funding request for a new school (1940-1950)
  • A Laboratory School is built on Campus Street (1950-1960)
  • Malcolm Price Laboratory School is born and named--1959
  • The Laboratory School and it's Curriculum (1950-2012)
    • Leadership for Curriculum
    • Art
    • Business
    • Elementary/Early Childhood
    • Guidance
    • Family/Consumer Science
    • Language Arts/Drama
    • Library
    • Mathematics
    • Modern Language
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Safety Education
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Special Education
    • Speech/Language Pathology
CHAPTER 4: Alphabet Soup 1960s Style
  • Malcolm Price Laboratory School, TCHS, SCHS and NU
  • Post-war years of stable development
  • Shortage of teachers for the many baby boomer students
  • Vignettes of Leadership--Dwight Curtis--Laboratory School Director from 1945-1960
CHAPTER 5: Diversity Grows--Racial Wall Begins to Break down
  • The Waterloo Project
  • Greater diversity within the faculty and students
  • Vignette of Leadership: Ross Nielsen Director 1960 - 1986
  • Expansion of curriculum development efforts and outreach to the schools of Iowa and the Nation.
CHAPTER 6: The Horizon is Bright but the Shadow is Cast
  • MPLS asked repeatedly to justify its existence through a series of papers and task force reports (1988--2012)
  • National Recognition through curriculum development projects
  • New Models for teacher education and clinical field experiences
  • Expanding research and scholarship
  • Outreach to the schools of Iowa, the nation and the world.
CHAPTER 7: Into the Twenty-First Century
  • Declining Enrollment
  • Destruction of the feeder neighborhoods surrounding the school due to demographic and social changes
  • Proposals for closing the school
  • New requests for task force reports
  • Increasing requests for justification of the school's existence
CHAPTER 8: The End of the Story Begins
  • RDDD School Model Emerges
  • President Ben Allen and Provost Gloria Gibson commit to closing the school--2012
  • Vote of no confidence taken by UNI faculty and sustained with a significant margin against the UNI administration.
  • AAUP Sanctions leveled against UNI.
  • Siignificant loss of revenue and reputation for UNI.
  • AAUP Sanctions Dismissed in 2014 under new President Bill Ruud.
CHAPTER 9: The Backlash
  • Parent groups and UNI faculty rally to preserve and retain the school
  • The school closes in June of 2012 with support for closing from the local school districts, the Board of Regents, the UNI administration and some UNI faculty
  • Public relations downturn: UNI enrollment drops significantly.
  • The building is demolished between 2012 and 2014--two years of de-construction
  • Memorial projects planned--website, wall and commemorate wall in renovated Schindler Hall.
CHAPTER 10: The Story Goes On
  • A new UNI administration for a new day

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