• Flashback Friday - Mystery Games

    By Price Lab History on January 11, 2020
    1 Comment Mystery Games!

    Name these Phys Ed faculty and the students pictured.

    Bonus points if you can tell us which yearbook this is from.


  • Miss Englund (Diamond)

    By Susan Spray on September 01, 2017
    Go comment! Yes! Miss Englund used to let me sneak into the high school stacks. I loved science books and biographies, and remember sitting on the floor going through books.
    She gave me the gift of books....
  • More Than Music

    By Eric Nielsen on September 01, 2017
    1 Comment I first met Doc Hale as a 3rd grade student for elementary music. I remember the very first song we sang was "Ragtime Cowboy Joe."  And I can still sing it from memory. I remember the glint in his eye when, upon asking each of us who are favorite singers were, and having...
  • He blinded me with science!

    By Richard Kroeger on August 22, 2016
    1 Comment Who really believes that a 13 year old really knows what he wants to be when he grows up? There were many paths before me and I really didn’t pick one until I started college at UNI. I credit some of my UNI professors for giving me a tremendous foundation on which I ult...
  • Ken Butzier

    By Susan Spray on August 22, 2016
    2 Comments Ken Butzier was my supervisor for my student teaching assignment in college. He and Dr. VanderBeek allowed me to teach in their respective classrooms, and develop lessons plans. It was the best support and guidance an emerging teacher could have, mentored by two of the best tea...
  • The NUHS Pool

    By Ann Becker on August 06, 2016
    2 Comments The NU pool. Our dad, Jim Becker, taught French at NU, so he had keys to the school - and the pool. It might have been against the rules, but he would take our whole family - my mom, my brother John (class of 82), my sister Karen (class of 89) and me (84) - to the NU pool on ...
  • The 'big side' of the library

    By David Chung on June 23, 2016
    Go comment! My father was old school, he was professor at UNI, a gentleman and a scholar. He loved my mother and us kids deeply. not only was he a gentleman, he was a 'gentle' man. Quiet, unassuming, not given to self-promotion, slow to anger -- that was my father.

    I do remem...

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