Throwback Thursday - To Dogpatch

Posted on February 23, 2017
Class of '77! We're looking at you this week. Any big reunion plans for this year?

We're highlighting some yearbook photos from Sadie Hawkins that year.
To Dogpatch

You know what to do: How many can you identify in these photos?
(Click photo to see it larger. Answers posted on Friday.)


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  1. Price Lab History | Feb 24, 2017
    How did you do?

    1) Champions Bert and Joan peel a banana in record time.
    2) Bill and Bert develop a new technique for cruisin'.
    3) Daredevil David drags around a dangerous curve.
    4) Emily Ward and Kathy Powell worked hard on Sadie Hawkins, as did many of
        the senior girls.
    5) King candidate Bill Green is escorted by Holly Beach.

    9) Meanwhile, back at the feed trough, Kim Lough and Steve Simcox investigate the chow
        as Bob Hellman keeps his eye on the fun.
    10) Topeka played for an appreciative crowd. 

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