• Mystery Student Council - Part 2

    By Sarah Eastman on February 19, 2021
    Go comment! You all did such a wonderful job with our Mystery Student Council photo last week, let's see how we can do with a Student Council from slightly more recently.

    Tell us your best guess on year and names of anyone shown.


  • Family Ties

    By Tyler Nielsen on August 26, 2013
    Go comment! I grew in CO, but my Dad (Jerel Nielsen) grew up in Cedar Falls and he and his siblings attended PLS as well as four of my cousins. When I was a kid, we would take tours of the school because my two uncles were faculty at the time. It was always special for me to see the schoo...
  • Making mobiles

    By Dr. Seon Chun-Burbank on August 20, 2013
    Go comment! I collected my dissertation data at MPLS. Teachers, administrators, parents, and children were so helpful and supportive. Having MPLS nearby helped me to complete my doctorate on-time so I could get a full-time job (so that I could stay at US not going back to Korea.) Thank you...
  • In Memory of Larry Taylor, class of 1965

    By Lynn E. Nielsen on July 10, 2013
    1 Comment In the Autumn of a Friendship

    We came up on Merner Street,
    I on the east and he on the west.
    Our growing was almost parallel
    Like the maples of Merner
    That told the spring yards where to stop.

    Resembling those broad-shade gian...
  • Salad Days

    By Paul Stokstad on July 09, 2013
    Go comment! Just like a salad, my time at the lab school is a jumble of things... a leafy green memory here, some faded, and a thousand islands of impressions, visual and tactile moments, embarrassingly immature situations, elements of wistful romance, et al.

    I could write a...
  • Camera, Action, Lights - Science and Me

    By Lyn Le Countryman on July 08, 2013
    Go comment!

    One day, while reading the job announcements in the Des Moines Register, my husband said to me, “There is a science job at the Lab School. You should apply.” I was just finishing graduate work on my doctorate and I had planned to stay home with my young daughte...

  • Double Memories

    By Mary Flannery Brown on July 07, 2013
    Go comment! I have memories of being at the Lab school with my dad, Cliff Flannery, who was custodian there from roughly 1959-1971. Sometimes I would go with him when he went down into the bowels of the school under the swimming pool to add the chemicals to the water. There were all thes...

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