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    MEDIA Messages—Technology Team Newsletter

    Malcolm Price Laboratory School
    November, 1994

    Fourth grade students in Diane McCarty’s Price Laboratory School classroom were among three classes in the nation to be invited to participate in a live video teleconference on October 12, 1994.  The Price Laboratory School students were electronically linked to elementary students at Whittier School in Chicago, Illinois and the Global School House in Arlington, Virginia.

    The teleconference was an opportunity for the students to help map the future route of the information superhighway by discussing how it would impact their live as adults.  Guest speakers from UNI included Richard Varn, Director of Telecommunications, and Leigh Zeitz, Price Laboratory School Instructional Technology Coordinator.  They discussed creative ways in which the information highway could help them in their daily lives.  A copy of the final report will be sent to Vice President Al Gore. 

    McCarty’s students spent many hours discussing the history of communication and the information superhighway in preparation for the teleconference.  “This will be a lifelong memory experience," McCarty recalled one student commenting.  The experience also initiated the students’ interest in establishing pen pals with their new friends in Chicago and Arlington. 

    CHECK OUT THE TWO DOCUMENTS BELOW.  Included are official correspondence with Washington DC as well as student-developed materials related to this important and exciting experience with national visibility for MPLS students.

      • NEWSLETTER: Government Issue, AT&T’s Newsletter for its Federal Government Customers, Vol . 3 No. 6 November/Decemeber 1994.
      • ADDENDUM: List of To Do and Not To Do Items Generated by the students.
      • LETTER:  William E. Beckner, Colonel, USAF (RET), Vice President Science Applications International Corporation.
      • NEWS ARTICLE:  Price Lab Students Participate in Nation-Wide Video Teleconference,  by NI News Writer Amy Sauerbrei, The Northern Iowan, October 13, 1994. 
      • NEWSLETTER--Media Messages—Techology Team Newsletter, Malcolm Price Laboratory School, November, 1994. 

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