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From Those Who Remember

Welcome to our new Price Lab History Memories Blog!
We'd love to hear your stories and memories of the Lab School. To comment on a memory or add your own you will need to register with our site. Sign up here!


Miss Englund (Diamond)

Yes! Miss Englund used to let me sneak into the high school stacks. I loved science books and biographies, and remember sitting on the...

More Than Music

Posted By: Eric Nielsen I first met Doc Hale as a 3rd grade student for elementary music. I remember the very first song we sang was...

Ken Butzier

Ken Butzier was my supervisor for my student teaching assignment in college. He and Dr. VanderBeek allowed me to teach in their...

The NUHS Pool

The NU pool. Our dad, Jim Becker, taught French at NU, so he had keys to the school - and the pool. It might have been against the rules,...

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