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The MPLS Plaza was envisioned as being a contemplative and reflective space that would inform past and future generations of UNI faculty, staff, students, teachers, and community members who were part of the Laboratory School’s 129 year history, of its integral role and significant contributions to the University of Northern Iowa and impact in the field of education in the state and throughout the nation.

Dedicated on June 25th, 2016, the Malcolm Price Laboratory School Commemorative Plaza was made possible by the following contributors:

Myrt Albrecht
Marlys & Simeon Austin
Berdena nelson Beach
June Betz
Robert Huber & Lyn Countryman
Jennifer Deifs
James & Janet Doud
Jo Duea
Ronald & Jan Eliasen
Judith Finkelstein
Bobbette Fortney
Susan & David Freeman
Johnna Friesth
Pat Geadelmann
Dorothy Glascock
Mary & Mark Guenther
Brian Hagenow
Tim & Stephanie Harpst
Becky & Aaron Hawbaker
Harriet & James Healy
Bruce & Karen Henriksen
Curtis & Nikki Hudnutt
Michael Jamosky
Jim Kelly
Leslie Knapp
Joan Annette Lee
R.J. McElroy Trust
Barbara & Peter nebel
Jacquelyn Ness
Caryl Nielsen
Deloris Nieman
Jerry Nieman
Maureen Oates
Tracy Olsen
Carrie Penix
Kay & Dale Peterson
Betsy Peterson
Laura Plath
Beth Primrose
Doreen & Lowell Schellhase
Ralph Scott
Kent Searl
Sulentic Family
Bob Stephens
Richard & Betty Strub
Merlin & Lois Taylor

Craig Weeks & Carol Glascock Weeks
Ben Wilson
Shelly Wolfram
Women's Transportation Seminar


Class Gift of 1956
William & Nancy Blake
Corinne Brown
Erika Brown
Claudia Criswell
Jack & Ann Dodd
Sandra & Donald Geddes
Charles & Cheryl Immerzeel
Donna Jacobi
Leon Kloostra
Roger & Suzanne Meeker
Carol & James Nymann
Charlene & Dale Poppy
Janice & John Price
Lore & Rudolph Profaizer
William & Marcia Struyk
Ruth & Ed Swartz
Phyllis Tellinghuisen
Janet & Duane Weiler
Sharon Yonkees

Class Gift of 1965
Diane Anderson 
Peter Clay
Gerald Deaver & Conne Jans Deaver
Kathryn Delafield
Celia Dunnington
Hugh Fossum
Bruce Gabby
Barbara & Steve Kent
Dennis & Pamela Leahy
Barbara Lang
Rodney Larson
Diane Priest
Becky Rice
Earl & Janice Smith
Richard Stockstad
Peter & Marilyn Voorhees
Bruce Wheaton

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