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FACULTY ROSTER (1883-2012)

More than 600 faculty served the Lab School from 1883 to 2012.

Multiple sources were used to create this list, including the University of Northern Iowa Faculty Roster, (available online
here), all available Lab School yearbooks, (available online here), and other sources. 

Faculty are listed according to their most prominent teaching area with an asterisk placed beside the names of those who taught in more than one area or served in more than one capacity.

Below the departmental listings you will find a spreadsheet with the full details we have available for each faculty member.

Information on the faculty from the earliest years of the Lab School are often listed only as "unspecified" and we have included that category at the end of our list. If you have any information on the teaching areas of these faculty please share that with us through
this form.

Our faculty roster has been compiled with the information available to us at this time and will be updated as new information is found.

If you know of any faculty members who may have been inadvertantly omitted or see corrections that need to be made please
let us kno

Faculty names in orange can be clicked to view profiles or additional information.

Faculty Profiles
Oange is clickable

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