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It was not unusual for Lab School students to earn awards and recognition even beyond their accomplishments at school. We are just beginning the work of identifying these achievements, starting with national and international awards, and are excited to watch this page grow! 

We'd love your help!

Do you know of Lab School students that earned national and/or international awards? Let us know and help us build our list.

National and International Awards

1988 –  Aaron McAdams ties for first place in the Ernest Hemingway National Writing Contest for authors twelve years and under for his short story "Underground."  


1995 – High school student Brandon Sears receives a Silver Medal at the Russian Language VIII 

International Olympiada in Moscow.   Competing against 300 students from 23 countries, he is one of 13 medal recipients.  


1998 – A number of NUHS students are medalists in the annual National Russian Essay Contest sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian.  NU student Jeremy Thoman receives a gold medal ranking, making him one of the top two students in the country.


2001 – Erin McElligatt and Lewis Colburn qualify as national finalists in the National Olympiada of Spoken Russian.  McElligatt also qualifies to join the U.S. National Olympiada Team which travels to the International Russian Olympiada in Moscow in summer 2001. 


2002 – Eighth grader Alexander Rapp is part of the Iowa team in the national MATHCOUNTS competition.


2002 – NU senior Katy Lyman is awarded a scholarship sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French to support study at the American University of Paris during her freshman year in college.  Lyman, a national winner in the National French Contest, is one of five students, out of the 92,000 students who took the initial test, to receive a monetary award.


2003 – Peter Behroozi wins fifth place and a $20,000 scholarship at the Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology National Competition for his project "A Proof of the Collatz Conjecture for Rational Patterns." 

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