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Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to preserve the legacy of Malcolm Price Laboratory School and to engage dynamically with those who remember and appreciate its heritage. This website documents and celebrates the heritage of the Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa and highlights the innumerable contributions the school made to teacher education and professional development over the course of its 129-year history.


Lynn Nielsen, former student of MPLS, then faculty member in the elementary grades, father of two children who attended the school, and finally one of the school administrators, used his creative talents to determine how to record the legacy of the school.

Dr. Nielsen became a master of the skills needed to build a website for the MPLS history and worked diligently using his artistic flair to establish a page prototype.  


When he had a model, he invited colleagues to meet with him.  Over time he had a team of four people, himself, Joan Duea, Judy Finkelstein and Barbara Lounsberry, meeting regularly to build on each other’s ideas. 

A grant was received from the Finkelstein/Brewer family to enable Lynn to use summers and a reduced teaching load to develop the content of the website. Once ready for the next steps, Lynn was able to work with Far Reach, a local company with ties to the Lab School, to see the website brought to full creation.  

In the years since, many alumni and friends continue to make contributions to support the website project. Our Board continues Lynn's work to gather and share the history of our school and to honor Lynn's vision.



The Price Lab History Website and Book are projects of the Ross A. Nielsen Foundation/Alumni, Friends, and Faculty of Price Laboratory School Board.

Our Board


Joan Duea, Interim President

Becky Hawbaker, Secretary

Judith Finkelstein, Treasurer

Barbara Lounsberry, Past President

Sarah Eastman, Past President, Webmaster

Jim Brewer

Kerisa Keeka Chung Baedke

Lyn Countryman

Aaron Howard

Aja Moore

Mike Ockenga

Cathy Rohlf

Our Board

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