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He blinded me with science!

Who really believes that a 13 year old really knows what he wants to be when he grows up? There were many paths before me and I really didn’t pick one until I started college at UNI. I credit some of my UNI professors for giving me a tremendous foundation on which I ultimately built my career, but I got there because of one man at NUHS. My science teacher, Walter Gohman, created a self-paced science course unlike any classroom I had experienced, then or in the years that followed. It created the magic that today I attribute to my interest and success in physics as a profession.

I understand science today and I wonder if most people understand it the way I do, and the way Walter inspired me to understand it? It is about method and curiosity. It is really remarkably simple. Anyone can do it. The key ingredient that Walter added, he made it fun.


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