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In Memory of Larry Taylor, Class of 1965

In the Autumn of a Friendship

We came up on Merner Street,

I on the east and he on the west.

Our growing was almost parallel

Like the maples of Merner

That told the spring yards where to stop.

Resembling those broad-shade giants,

We painted the street blotchy on sunny days,

Putting down callow roots,

Twisted together and tangled

In the dark earth beneath the pavement.

High above where time and fences couldn't reach

The years whispered past us on friendly wind.

Rich foliage splendid with autumn

Separated, drifted and fell gently in shades of sienna

Blanketing the earth with recollection.

He left early, in the autumn of our friendship.

His parting hope crafted words for spring

But he was dressed for the colors of winter.

I know we will summer again

If only in the sunshine of our memories.

Lynn E. Nielsen

March 1996


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