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Memories of Joan Lawrence Teacher Aide Extraordinaire 1967-1993

We have lost a true friend. She was a good person through and through. I admired her so much for her work with the kids. They respected her and her ability to keep order on the playground and in the lunch room made such a difference for us when we got them back in the afternoon. And she was loyal, competent, trustworthy, capable and always ready to help us out of innumerable spur of the moment situation that we encountered. The other teacher aides recognized her as their leader also.

I know her family will miss her so much. I used to see her walking the grandchildren to school each day as I was driving down 19th St. to get to my office. Even in the worst weather she would not accept a ride, contending that it was good exercise. I know she was right. It bet that is something they will always remember, and it probably helped her to have a long life well lived.


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