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Mrs. Albrecht's Memories

Posted By: Myrtle Albrecht

As the wife of the high school principal, and mother of 4 MPLS students, my memory of MPLS is that it was a "home away from home" for us. From sporting events and dramas, to practices, performances, projects, and staff functions, MPLS was part of our family. The friendships I formed with students, classmates, faculty, and other parents, were, and still are, some of the most cherished relationships in my life. I loved watching kids grow and mature from little 4 year olds to adults all in one place. The beauty of MPLS was that kids of all ages were there together. I could go to an orchestra program, and see all of my kids perform. No running from school to school, everyone there together as one family.

As Jim's wife, I got in on a different side of MPLS as well. I saw the dedication and hard work that went on behind the scenes. I heard plans and hopes and dreams that teachers and administrators had for the kids at MPLS. I watched "Doc" walk up that hill to school and back down that hill each day with the future success of N.U. High on his mind. I loved that he loved the school so much, and that made me love it too. Not only was it a great place for him to work, but it was a fabulous place for my kids to be educated. What a wonderful time it was! How blessed we all were to have been a part of it.


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