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Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii, Pearl City Near Pearl Harbor. This is Romorrow, my life at MPLS/NUHS started at the age of 10 the same age and grade as my son Tre'vion. He is in 4th Grade. I would like to take this time to thank all my classmates and teachers and staff. You all had a big part in my life. It's rare for someone to go through one school as a kid to become a young man or woman, but that's what happened to me there at the Lab School. There were classmates who made me a part of their family--sleep overs and sports. There is a long list of you and you know who you are. My teachers who all kept me in line and showed me the right way, I can't thank you enough. Coming from a single parent home you were like my mothers and fathers, and all the extra love and attention is still in my heart today. I want to thank all the upper classmen and the students behind me. I was home this summer and saw the sadness of our school in rubble and like most of you stood there reliving all the moments we spent there. A day that I will never forget but thanks to you all, the school and its memory is in my heart. So THANK YOU ALL for being my family and helping me become the man and person I am today. LOVE AND PEACE ALWAYS Romorrow Lamar Anderson aka "RAM".


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