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The many positive memories

I taught at Price Lab School from the fall of 1975 through December, 1978.

The many positive memories of the time in Unit III will be with me forever. The students were so eager to learn and such joys to work with each year. The days were energizing and exciting for students and faculty alike.

The faculty all worked hard and put in long hours. We wrote curriculum that was before its time and was so ‘right on’ for our students’ individual learning situations. High expectations were set for the students and they were motivated to work hard to meet those expectations.

The faculty on the Hill and Laboratory School worked together to the benefit of the college and Lab School students. The college students were always well prepared when they came to visit/observe/teach in our classrooms. It was a learning experience for all involved.

During the years that I taught at the Lab School the following people also taught in Unit III. Betty Strub, Maribelle Betterton, Beverly Smith, Lynn Nielsen, Janet McClain and of course, our loyal secretary, Joan Lawrence. The administrators were Ross Nielsen, Jim Albrecht and Jim Doud. There were also many special area faculty members that worked with our team and students. The collegiality of the faculty was strong and supportive. Meaningful conversation and encouragement were a constant among faculty members, administration and staff. There were strong professional and personal relationships built that went beyond the school day. Those included outside school activities, social gatherings, graduations, weddings and funerals among others which led to life-long friendships.

I have been proud to be associated with the University of Northern Iowa for over 23 years. It was an honor to represent the University in the Department of Teaching as a teacher at the Laboratory School and as The Des Moines Regional Student Teacher Coordinator. Those memories and experiences have been the BEST and I will treasure them always.

Bill and I are retired and living in Des Moines. We remain involved with the University and still wave the UNI Banner with Pride.

Beverly Ewald Riess Elementary Classroom Teacher


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