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Where I Grew Up

Posted By: Old Alumnus

I was a student at Price Lab many years ago when the school was still bustling with young children and busy teachers. My memories of the school are in bits and pieces, broken up by the slow onslaught of time. And yet they are there, vivid at times, stark and salient. It is as if I get to peer into the past and watch my younger self live those moments again--those moments eating lunch in the cafeteria, sitting on those hard, wooden chairs in the auditorium, and walking the hallways.

In many respects, I grew up there. I made friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life: the kind of friends that know exactly where you came from, and because of that, they know _you_. It is the kind of relationship that is difficult to achieve in any other time in your life. I learned to read, write, and do math. I had crushes on the student teachers from UNI that came and taught class. I remember living through awkward moments of childhood at Price Lab. I also remember living through wonderful, glorious, coming-of-age moments at Price Lab, moments where you have a smile permanently affixed to your face, heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing moments. Those are the moments you savor in life, the ones you slowly roll in your mouth to make the moment last longer. Those are the moments you never want to end.

With those awkward moments that come with growing up, there were always the teachers to help guide us. I remember being in Mr. Lynn E. Nielsen's third grade class at Price Lab. I certainly had many awkward moments there. But I remember Mr. Nielsen trying to give students a sense of dignity and respect. Indeed, he was trying to teach us to respect each other. He showed us how to respect each other despite our concerted efforts to show him otherwise. In many ways, how I treat others today originated within the halls and classrooms of Price Lab. And for that, I thank the teachers and educators of Price Lab.


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