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From Those Who Remember

Welcome to our new Price Lab History Memories Blog!
We'd love to hear your stories and memories of the Lab School. To comment on a memory or add your own you will need to register with our site. Sign up here!


Family Ties

I grew in CO, but my Dad (Jerel Nielsen) grew up in Cedar Falls and he and his siblings attended PLS as well as four of my cousins. When...

Making mobiles

I collected my dissertation data at MPLS. Teachers, administrators, parents, and children were so helpful and supportive. Having MPLS...

Salad Days

Just like a salad, my time at the lab school is a jumble of things... a leafy green memory here, some faded, and a thousand islands of...

Double Memories

I have memories of being at the Lab school with my dad, Cliff Flannery, who was custodian there from roughly 1959-1971. Sometimes I would...

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